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On August 1, the union contract covering 39,000 IBEW and CWA members up and down the East Coast expired. Now, workers are working without a contract and continue their fight for a fair agreement while on the job.  Despite making $18 billion in profits in the last 18 months and top executives raking in $249 million over the last five years, Verizon is still insisting on slashing job security, health care, and retirement security, and refuses to engage in serious bargaining towards a fair contract.  At the same time, Verizon refuses to build out FiOS to many underserved communities up and down the East Coast, and has abandoned upkeep of the its landline network, leading to extensive service problems for customers who depend on their landlines.  Verizon needs to get serious at the bargaining table and stop trying to destroy the livelihoods of the workers who make their success possible. Can you join us and take action? Click here: