Southern Retail Bargaining with Jerry's Moves to Wages and Benefits

On Monday, March 28, the Union committee met with Jerry’s leadership and picked up where they left off on Friday. After some back and forth discussion, the Union secured some important gains in language. The Union also made the difficult decision to drop a couple items in exchange for the Employer dropping several of their proposals. 

The employer dropped language that would have required employees to work Easter and summer holidays, would have allowed employees to transfer between stores but continue to work under their original store contract, would have forced meat department workers to work outside of their department without mutual agreement, and would have allowed Prime Time employees to work ecommerce on Tuesdays. In exchange, the Union dropped language on neutrality for non-union departments such as liquor stores, schedules posted by seniority, chairs without doctors’ notes, and name tags. The Union and committee felt these were fair trades to prevent any takeaways in the new contract. The Union also secured new language on electronic scheduling and made favorable changes to an employer proposal on how vacation will be paid out. 

In the end, most of the non-economic items have been agreed on or dropped except for health and safety language, and we started discussion on economic details such as wages, healthcare, and paid time off.  We’ll have another update after our next bargaining day tomorrow- so stay tuned!

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