Southern Retail/Jerry's Bargaining Update

After 16 long hours of bargaining on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, the Union and Employer were able to tentatively agree on the following issues for both Jerry's Cub/Jerry's Foods and the County Market contracts:

  • Term of Agreement:  2 years
  • Health & Welfare:  The Employer will increase its contributions for each member by 9% each year of the agreement.  There will be no additional cost for members and current benefits will not change.
  • Pharmacy Technicians will receive an additional $.25/hour certificate premium.
  • Defined Contribution Plan (401a/k):  Employer will increase its contributions by $.07/FT and $.03/PT in the first year of the agreement and $.01 for both FT and PT members in the second year of the agreement.
  • Employer agrees to participate in a Minnesota-state certified meat apprenticeship JATC program if and when one is certified with the Union.
  • Wages:  Increases will be effective 4/10/22, 10/2/22, 4/1/23 and 10/1/23 -- $.25 progression increases for all classifications; $.50/FT on each of the dates ($2 total over the length of the agreement) for top-of-scale and overscale; $.40/PT on 4/10/22 and 10/2/22 and $.35/PT on 4/1/23 and 10/1/23 ($1.50 total over the length of the agreement) for top-of-scale and overscale.

The parties were also able to agree on improved health and safety language.

The Employer continues to hold on their proposal to cease contributions to the National Pension Fund for Meat members.  The parties agreed to extend both contracts through April 22, 2022, when they will meet again to discuss this issue.