St. Anne Members Win Class Action Grievance

On February 10, 2015 a class action grievance settlement was reached for Local 1189 members at St. Anne in Winona.  In December, Local 1189 was notified that the members' schedules would be posted online only; however, the collective bargaining agreement states that work schedules shall be posted.  Local 1189 filed a grievance and the settlement that was reached specifies that a pilot program will be established through June 24, 2015.  This pilot program will include the employer posting a paper work schedule as follows:

  1. Two weeks in advance of work period.
  2. Work period will be a 4-week work period broken into 2-week blocks.
  3. Paper schedule posted in one location (outside scheduler's office), will not be updated by employer to reflect any changes to member schedules after initial posting time/date, and posted in a way that is secure and will not be removed from area nor marked up by anyone.
  4. Members are held responsible for following up-to-date online schedule (i.e., floor/assignment changes, mutually agreed upon changes, trades, pick-up shifts, etc.)
  5. Employer will post daily paper schedules within department for one week/seven days at a time.  Replacement schedulers/charge nurse will be responsible for keeping both paper daily schedules and online schedules up to date with any changes.

The parties will meet in May to review this pilot program.Congratulations St. Anne members!