St. Paul Area Retail Tentative Agreement Details

A ratification vote on the tentative agreements reached with Cub Foods (UNFI), Festival Foods/Knowlan's Meat, Jerry's Enterprises (Cub Foods, Jerry's Foods, County Market), Kowalski's and Lunds & Byerly's will be held on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.  Members may vote in any of their employer's store locations or at the Local 1189 Union Hall.  Click here to view specific times and locations.  To view tentative agreement details for each employer, please click on the links below:Cub Foods (UNFI):PDF iconCub TA Details.pdfFestival Foods/Knowlan's Meat:  Festival TA Details.pdf Festival final Offer - Wages.pdfJerry's Enterprises (Cub Foods, Jerry's Foods, County Market): County Market TA Details.pdfPDF iconJerry's TA Details.pdf Jerry's Wages.pdfKowalski's: Kowalski's TA Details.pdfLunds & Byerly's:PDF iconLunds TA Details.pdfPDF iconLunds Wages.pdfThese offers come with 100% committee endorsement and recommendation to vote YES!