St. Paul Retail Negotiations Make Little Progress

Union Committee members arrived at the South St. Paul Union Hall prepared Tuesday and Wednesday this week to bargain over the Employers' economic (wages and benefit) proposal.  Tuesday's proposal by the Employer was quickly dismissed by the committee as failing to meet the basic requirement of fully funding the Union's health care plan.  The very small wage increase proposed by the Employer group left little to be desired as it was only for employees at the top or over scale and did nothing to increase the actual wages going forward.  The Union responded to minimal proposal by making only small changes in their proposal.  It was the Union Committee's hope that the Employer would put their full offer on the table.  Wednesday brought very little movement from either side.  The Union made it clear that any proposed settlement would have to have something every member could support.  Negotiations will resume tomorrow, March 31, 2016. The Employers met with the Union late in the day and informed the committee that would be bringing a revised economic proposal.  No further dates have been set for future bargaining sessions.