St. Paul Retail Negotiations Update

Our retail bargaining committee spent a full day on Wednesday, September 3 in a bargaining session with all of our major retail employers.  The day was spent entirely on health care and how to maintain coverage for the vast majority of our members.  We reached a “conceptual agreement” on how to determine members' eligibility for our current health plan.  This agreement has many details to work out, but the day resulted in significant progress toward reaching an agreement.
On Tuesday, September 9 we will be back bargaining with economics/wages being on the agenda for the day.  We expect this day to be a long one.  We have September 23 also on the calendar as we move toward having an agreement to vote on sometime in October.
As in the past, our members WILL have a copy of any proposed voting document prior to voting.  In addition, our bargaining committee  requested that we hold informational meetings for members prior to any vote, so we will look to schedule these meetings upon conclusion of bargaining. Another update will be done after the bargaining on September 9.