St. Paul Retail Union Committees and Employers Meet to Discuss Health Care Funding Solutions

4/29/14 - Union Bargaining Committee Members from all of the major employers in St. Paul met with the Employers at the Local 1189 Union Hall to review funding shortfalls and discuss the Union's "supposal" (our thoughts on maintaining a sustainable affordable plan).  The information presented to the group included historical financial status of the fund, current fund reserves and the cost of maintaining current benefits (approximately $6 million). The purpose of this meeting was to have all bargainers work from the same set of data and work toward designing a sustainable health plan. Both the Union and the Employer group are in agreement that we have to come together and find a way to ensure that health care is properly funded before bargaining over other contract proposals.  A sub-committee consisting of President Don Seaquist, Secretary Treasurer Jennifer Christensen, and one representative from each employer (Jerry's, Cub, Lunds, Kowaski's, Rainbow and Festival) will meet on May 9, 2014 in an all-day session.  Possible solutions will then be brought back to the bargaining committees for their review.
UFCW Local 1189 is committed to fighting for affordable health care for our members.  "Save my healthcare" was the number one proposal from the majority of our members and it remains the focal point of these negotiations.