Super One (Miner's) Increases Wage Rates Ahead of Schedule

The Union and Miner's Inc (Local 1189 Miner's stores including Super One stores, County Market in International Falls and Woodland Marketplace in Duluth) have agreed upon a higher beginning wage rate for all contracts UFCW Local 1189 has with Miner’s, Inc.  These new starting wages will be in effect for the remainder of all labor agreements between the Union and Miner’s currently in force, until the termination or renegotiation of each individual agreement. All employees will advance on each pay scale within the pay scale, to the next higher level as listed on the appropriate pay scale for their class or category within the contracts, with a target of the posted rate, closest to one dollar per hour increase as a onetime move effective June 13, 2021. Miner’s provided the Union with a detailed list of each employee at their current rate and the new-posted rate of pay as of June 13, 2021.  All other employees overrate will advance by one dollar per hour ($1.00) from their current rate with the exception of the Deli and Bakery employees. In the case of part-time bakery and deli workers, starting at a higher rate the schedules established for each contract will be used for advancement.  This paragraph highlights and summarizes the improvements to the wage rates.  Read the complete Letter of Understanding here: PDF icon signed LOU Superone wage increase.pdf