SuperOne and Mount Royal Bargaining Continues

The Union and the Employer meet for three days, 5/16, 5/17 and 5/18 to present and discuss their economic proposals. Economic proposals are proposals that have a dollar amount attached to them such as wages, vacation, retirement and health insurance. 

There was a lot of conversation between the groups as the Union Committee explained the importance of their proposals. For example, workers realize the importance of sick days more than ever after the 2-year pandemic. It’s also critical to create equity in the contract among members who work side by side each other every day but receive vastly different benefits. Our proposals reflect the message we have been saying throughout bargaining: our members deserve respect, they deserve protection, and they deserve pay.

The employer needed time to review the Union’s proposals and they came back with a counter package that rejected all the Union’s opening proposals. After some conversations and more proposals, the Union got the employer to take a look at what individual proposals they would be willing to respond to, rather than continue to unilateral reject all of the Union’s proposals.

The Union was able to win mileage at the IRS rate for all employees who have to use their personal vehicle for work purposes. The union dropped its proposal on uniforms with a promise from the employer to allow members to wear temperature-appropriate clothing (such as a sweater in the winter) under their smock/apron.

Your bargaining committee is continuing to work hard to fight for members and we will meet again with the employer June 1 and 2.

Read the Union's opening economic proposals here

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