SuperOne/Mount Royal Bargaining Continues- Non-Economic Concluded

The Union and the Employer met yesterday, April 28, to further discuss non-economic issues. The Employer rejected the Union’s initial package proposal. The Union discussed with the Employer the importance of the items the committee was asking for, UFCW 1189 President Jim Gleb, telling the Employer, “[Members] want to be respected, protected, and paid and they deserve that.”

The Employer accepted the Union’s second package proposal which wrapped up all the remaining non-economic proposals. This package won many benefits for members such as E-commerce, which protects Union jobs from being outsourced to third parties and the ability to take vacation days in increments smaller than one full day. We were able to make the Employer withdraw several detrimental proposals such as an “unanticipated circumstance” which would allow the employer to adjust wages and hours regardless of what is in the contract if an “act of God” occurs. The Employer also wanted to delete the successor clause which protects union jobs in the event an employer sells the company. These kinds of protections are important for our members and the Committee fought hard to keep harmful proposal like those out of their contract.

There are a few items that will be moved to the economic proposals which were minimum required hours (Employer proposal 11; article 15.21), Jury duty pay (Employer proposal 12; article 17.1), Part time food handling employees (Employer 9; article 8.9), New member orientation (Union 1; article 3) and The Union is holding on their number 9 proposal, Vendor work, which will need to be discussed in further detail.

The Employer has yet to fulfill the Union’s outstanding information requests. The Employer agreed to work on providing that information. The Union and Employer will meet again on May 16 to discuss the opening economic proposals.

The Union signed a contract extension with the Employer in effect through May 16 after which can be voided with 24-hour notice to the Employer.

There are yard signs with our bargaining campaign logo that we are asking members and the community to put in their yards to show support for your bargaining committee and to show the Employer that we are strong together and deserve protections, respect, and pay. We will continue to fight for a contract that reflects the working conditions that our members deserve, for everything they have done working for the Employer throughout a pandemic.

Please stop at the Duluth office, 2002 London Rd # 211, Duluth, MN 55812, to pick up a yard sign or call your Union Representative.

Read the Union's initial package proposal here

Read the amended Tentatively Agreed package proposal here