UFCW 1189 and CPW Reach Understanding on New Wage Scale

Dear UFCW 1189 members working at CPW,

After negotiating with Linden Hills Co-op, your employer expressed an interest in bringing wages at all three TCCP entities above a 15 dollar starting rate ahead of the timelines expressed in the Minneapolis and St. Paul city ordinances. UFCW 1189 and TCCP had previously negotiated a contract with a base pay scale starting at 14.38, moving to 14.88 after probation and 15.38 after one year.  The 15.50 starting rate replaces the 14.38.  There will no longer be a raise for passing probation.  50 cent adjustments will be earned on each anniversary bringing the new 1 year base rate to 16 dollars per hour.  This new pay scale will be affective with the pay period beggining on November 9th.  We are pleased with the Companies desire to elevate so many members and are happy to work with them on seeing this happen well ahead of the ordinance and contract opener.  All premiums remain the same.  Please review the attached LOU and new wage scale to see your new pay rate.   Wages will be a subject of bargaining again when the contract expires in October of 2021.  Please call, email or text me with any questions at 612-437-7117 or awangnoo@ufcw1189.org

Thank you,

Abe Wangnoo

Union Representative

PDF icon CPW Wage LOU Nov 2020.pdf