UFCW 1189 Members at FM Ambulance Ratify New Contract

On Tuesday June 15, 2021 UFCW 1189 members at FM Ambulance voted to accept a new contract. The hard-fought deal received a unanimous committee recommendation and will give piece of mind and sustainability to the lives of the workers at FMA over the next 4 years. The 4-year deal contained several provisions that will have a positive effect on the income and overall quality of life of those members covered by it. Paramedics who maintain status as a Crew Lead 1 will now receive $.35/hr for all hours worked. Previously, employees would only receive a one-time bonus when they obtained Crew Lead 1, meaning there was no incentive to maintain the skills and responsibilities. Now with the premium applying to all hours worked, members will receive recognition for their status as Crew Lead 1 for their whole career.

Dispatch will now receive a flat $3.00/hr premium for all training hours. Previously a Dispatcher who took on the task of training new hires would receive a one-time bonus of $150 payable only after the new hire was fully trained. Now, a Dispatcher will receive compensation for the entire time they spend training, no matter how many shifts it takes or the length of the shift or whether the employee has completed their training. This could mean hundreds of extra dollars more for anyone willing to train in the next group of new hires.

As one of the newest classifications at FM Ambulance, community paramedics have been happy to serve their community by making house calls and developing care plans for our society’s most vulnerable. Moving to the Educator scale in this contract, community paramedics received recognition for the extra duties, responsibilities, and requirements of their job. They will now receive better compensation for their years of service and will be an asset to the Fargo/Moorhead area for years to come.

Long service members also had their voices heard in this new agreement. Adding twenty-two-year and twenty-four-year steps to the scales, the members who have been around the longest will now receive recognition for their years of service. Experience is also being honored for new hires. There will no longer be a cap placed on how many years of experience a new employee can be credited with.

Of course, wages are always the number one thing on members' minds and with across-the-board increases ranging from 7.75% to 12% over the life of the contract, the members have secured a good financial future for themselves and their co-workers. They also secured a good future for their working relationship with the Company by getting language that establishes a Labor Management Committee. In the future they will have the opportunity to sit down with representatives of the Company to discuss issues at the workplace in an equal and collaborative environment.

Congratulations to all of the UFCW 1189 members at FM Ambulance. You truly are “Stronger Together.”