UNFI Buys HarMar Cub- 1189 Negotiates Protections for Members

Immediately following the recent announcement that UNFI was buying the HarMar Cub Store, UFCW 1189 met with the Employer several times to bargain over the effects on existing members, resulting in a robust transition agreement. The agreement, which is linked below, includes several provisions that were not initially considered as part of the transition from Jerry's. The Union is happy that UNFI will take into account the service of existing workers, as is reflected in the transition agreement.

Some highlights include:

  • Current members will not have to reapply and go through a background check and drug screening- they will be automatically transferred
  • There will be no probationary period
  • Members with accrued vacation time will be paid out any vacation time they have in the bank
  • Members will accrue vacation time going forward based off years of service and will not start from square one
  • Part-timers who were within 260 hours of going up a step will be automatically elevated to that step in the UNFI contract
  • There will be a seamless transition of health and welfare contributions
  • While members will recieve a new in-store seniority date, seniority within the former Jerry's workers will be determined by former seniority date for the contract¬†

Read the full agreement here