Union and Employer fail to reach Agreement

Union and employer committees met late into the evening on Friday April 15, 2016.  The Union committee held firmly to their positions on making sure that their health care plan was adequately funded, to ensure that all members had fair and equitable wage progressions, and to improve the contract for all - not a select few. The employers’ proposal did not measure up.  As one committee member pointed out, the employers don't seem to value their part-time employees - always proposing significantly less in increases for them even though many like her have been a dedicated worker for the company for many years.The Union amended its proposal for health care, agreeing to the employers' lower offer as long as the wage scales increased enough to pay for any changes that might need to be made due to the lower offer. The proposal fell on deaf ears and at the end of the night the small movement made by the employers gave very little reason for the majority of workers to consider voting yes.  The Union has scheduled a meeting of their committee members for April 25th - no further meetings have been scheduled with the Employers.  Read the most recent Union proposal: revised retail proposals 2016 4_15_16.pdf  Read the Employers' latest offer:  employer_proposal041516.pdf (The Employer Group operates the following stores:Lunds & Byerlys, Knowlan's Festival, Cub Foods, Rainbow, Jerry's Foods, County Market, Kowalski's)