Union and St. Paul Area Retailers Begin Contract Talks

Retail Grocery Employers from the St. Paul area (corporate Cub, Jerry's, Kowalski's, and Knowlan's) met with the Union and exchanged proposals on Thursday March 7, 2019. Conversations were cordial with very few if any surprises. After a break for lunch the parties briefly responded to each other's proposals, agreeing only to issues that would be considered "housekeeping" in nature.  Union and Employer Trustees for the Local Union's Health and Welfare Plan are scheduled to meet on March 13, 2019 to review the plan's funding status and discuss plan options. It is anticipated that much of the discussion at the next scheduled bargaining session on March 18, will revolve around Health Care coverage. Lunds and Byerlys will be joining the larger group for that meeting,(Union's proposal to Lunds & Byerlys PDF iconlundsandbyerlys union proposal.pdf  It is undetermined if they will continue to bargain with the group or negotiate separately.  The Employers engage in "convenience bargaining" and maintain separate agreements with the Union.  The St. Paul Retail Remployers proposals (including those given earlier by Lunds & Byerlys) are available in the link below.PDF iconretail employers st paul proposals.pdfThe Union's initial proposal can be viewed here: PDF iconunion retail st paul proposals.pdfThe Union's focus in our proposals is to ensure that Union grocery jobs provide economic security for our members and preserve the benefits our members have worked hard for and deserve. Raising starting rates and top rates, along with sick time for all are important issues for the group.