Union Objects to ARGA Employers' Proposal

April 2, 2019  __The Union and the ARGA Employers met again today for our fourth bargaining session. While both sides continue to talk and movement is being made, the negotiations are tough. The Union has proposals to allow everyone to accrue vacation time regardless of job title and the Employer does not want to discuss the proposal until we reach a point in which we are discussing all economic proposals. Today, they presented the Union with a proposal that would take away the number of vacation/personal days that each employee would accrue in Duluth. Read Employers' proposal here : agraesstproposal.pdf The Employer is citing the need to make the changes in Duluth secondary to the Earned Sick and Safe Time Ordinance. The Union made it clear that we will not allow management to steal our members' vacation or personal days. We are scheduled to meet again on April 10 and 11. We ask that you continue to support your bargaining committee in obtaining a fair and equitable contract.