Union Objects to Cub Proposal to Cap Vacations for Part-time Employees

4/29/14 - In bargaining on Tuesday, April 29 our committee was completely offended by the Employer proposal to cap vacations for part-time employees at 3 weeks. While the Employer was willing to discuss the proposal, committee members strongly objected to ANY change in a benefit that has been hard-earned and enjoyed by our members.
In addition, we had a lengthy discussion over dress code and appropriate weather gear for members that are required to work outside in inclement weather (both hot and cold). Our committee is firm in protecting members who need to spend time working outside.
We did make minor headway in other non-economic areas of our proposals.
Both parties agreed that any economic discussions are tied to health care and its cost. We have set May 27 and June 6 as additional dates. We will again update at the conclusion of each of these sessions.