Union Presents Proposals to Knowlan's Festival

March 20, 2014
Southern Division retail negotiations began on March 20, 2014 with the Union presenting our proposals to the Employer representative for Knowlan's Festival, Chris Thienes.  The Union and the Employer met at FMCS (Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service); Jeanie Frank is the mediator assigned to our negotiations.
President Don Seaquist walked through the Union's proposals.  PDF icon UnionRetailProposals2014.pdf
The Employer responded briefly, but did not present any proposals at this time.  Because of the importance of health care to these negotiations, It was decided that more information was needed on the possible costs, savings, or impact to the members for any changes to the plan.  The Health Care Fund is a multi-employer plan and it was agreed that all Employers and all Union committee members should be present in the same room for these important discussions. 
President Seaquist requested that the mediator help coordinate dates for this meeting.
The Union and the Employer agreed to sign an extension of the current agreement, and to schedule future dates for bargaining.