Urgent! MN Legislative Action Alert

Last week, Republican legislative leadership slipped in bad language into the Judiciary/Public Safety Omnibus Bill, SF803, with no public testimony. This language would slam the door on immigrant Driver’s Licenses. It would prohibit the Commissioner of Public Safety from changing the rule – adopted under Gov. Pawlenty – that stripped the ability of immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses without regard to immigration status.   Speaker Daudt was on the radio over the weekend saying they did this to clean up the REAL ID bill and clear it for passage this week.Call to Action:  Call Governor Dayton 651-201-3400 TODAY and urge him to veto SF803, the Judiciary/Public Safety budget bill, because it restricts the administration’s ability to restore access to driver’s license for undocumented immigrants.We expect he will veto the bill, but we need him to hear from YOU to make sure this bad provision doesn’t make it back into the final budget deal.