US-Grown Hemp Could Soon Find its Way into your Food, Clothes and Cars

From 1/14/16:  The US may be on the cusp of creating a home-grown industry from a long-demonized plant. The US hemp industry is pushing hard for a measure that would make it legal for US businesses to produce the substance, and if lawmakers approve it, consumers could soon find US-grown hemp in their food, baby products, fabric, fuel, paint, body-care products, paper, carpet, and even auto parts.  The National Hemp Association (NHA) on Wednesday (Jan. 13) hired a lobbying firm with contacts deep in the US Department of Commerce to make a push to get the measure passed this year, said Zev Paiss, the group’s director. Paiss told Quartz the NHA is prepared to spend more than $10,000 per month to get the issue through.  Read entire article here.