Valley View Nursing Home Negotiations Begin

Valley View Nursing home negotiations began on a tense note.  
The proposal presented by the Union was based on the results of survey sent to the membership and reflected the need to increase compensation and incentives in order to keep up with the cost of living and staff the building.
The Administrator responded that the Union's proposals were "not feasible," "not realistic," and as far as a cost of living increase "clashes with the Employer's proposal."  Clash indeed.  The Administrator presented the employer's proposal, coming to the table with a proposal to roll-back the wage rates 2.7% for all employees making more than $14.00 (this would include nurses), decrease the minimum hours paid for mandatory in-services, eliminate bonuses for picking up weekends, and increase the length and number of mandated shifts employees have to work.
Initial Proposals from the Union and the Employer along with the responses from each side can be viewed by clicking the following attachment: valleyviewnegotiations09042014.pdf      Needless to say, we did not reach an agreement in the first day of bargaining.
Ultimately before the day was over, the Employer dropped (withdrew) their proposed wage roll back, agreed to sign an extension of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (union contract), and agree to meet for another day for negotiations on October 23rd.