Vireo (Minnesota Medical – Green Goods) Negotiation Update.

After requesting to postpone Tuesday’s negotiations to give time to prepare a complete economic proposal to the Union Negotiating team, (and agreeing to pay the day for the committee who had already be taken off of the schedule), Vireo presented an offer today (4/22/2021) that rolled back wages and progressions for future employees – permanently (as new people rarely catch up in a system such as one that was proposed). See proposals here: PDF icon VHMN Economic Proposal to UFCW 4-22-21.pdf

To be clear, this Union has no interest in such unjust proposals that inherently lead to increasing the social and economic injustice in our society, our state, our communities.

The Union provided a counteroffer – amending our original proposal – asking instead for 3% increases across the board for all wages, scales, employees for each of the three years.  Rather than creating substandard jobs for new classifications, the Union proposed adding new jobs to current pay classes. See proposal here: PDF icon Vireo Union Proposals amended 04212120-redline.pdf

The Employer asked to end early, and we resume on Monday 4/26/2021.  

For reference, the current contract is under extension until 5/1/2021.

Read the contract with the Extension Agreement: PDF icon MN Medical 2017-2019_EXT_050121.pdf

PDF icon MN Medical 2017-2019_EXT_050121.pdf