Waterview Pines Ratifies Wage Reopener

On January 5, 2022 UFCW 1189 members at The Waterview Pines voted unanimously to ratify wage increases negotiated by their committee. As many of us know, direct care staff, such as CNAs, have historically gotten the lion’s share of wage increases. This time around, the word of the day was solidarity as committee members Elizabeth Ellise, Jessica Larson and Nikole Snyder stood firmly in support of each other and all members in every department, stating they would not leave the table without getting a substantial increase for the often-forgotten support staff. Whatever was achieved had to be equal across the board. All three members of the committee were first timers, but regardless of their inexperience, the passion they brought to the process led to the largest across-the-board increase this facility has ever seen. Every person in every department will receive a $2/hour increase retroactive to the first of February. Please join us in thanking Elizabeth, Jessica, and Nikole for being shining examples of Union strength and solidarity.