We Will Get Through This Together.

What we all have witnessed across the Twin Cites over these last few days is beyond tragic. 

I know many of you are rightfully angry about the injustice we have all witnessed.  I also know many of you are worried and scared given the unrest we are now witnessing in response—especially those whose stores have been impacted, even destroyed. Please know this—that as difficult as it may be to see right now, we will get through this. Our community will recover, heal, and rebuild.  And I want you to know your Union is here for you, and to help you, and address your concerns or questions. 

In light of what is happening, I do want you to know about important and recent steps your Union has taken to help address the many concerns we have heard from our members. 

The steps we have taken so far, include:

1. Reached Out to Employers: We are in regular communication with all our employers to address the impact on our members, including scheduling and financial concerns. We have made clear to our employers the urgent need for security at our stores to protect you – our members, customers, and the public. 

2. Contacted Local City Officials: We have reached out to local city officials and police departments to ensure there are plans in place for local safety. 

3. Communicated to Governor: We have also contacted the Governor to again voice our shared outrage, and to also make clear that we must protect our communities and our stores; our members and their families.

As we hear back from our employers and elected officials, we are determined to keep you informed about the steps and actions they plan to take.  More importantly, we want to make sure that if you—or any fellow member—has any questions or concerns to please reach out to your Union Representative (https://ufcw1189.org/about-us/staff), the Union office (South St. Paul 651-451-6240, Duluth 218-728-5174 ) or to me directly at 651-335-9173 (call or text).  We want to address them as quickly as we can. 

Finally, I wish there were words that could be said to ease the pain many of you feel considering the violence and loss that we have witnessed, and the difficult days we are now living through.  No matter what may follow, know that your Union and I are here for you.  We will get through this terrible moment in our community’s history by doing what we always do—standing together and being there for each other. 

In Solidarity, 

Jennifer Christensen, President UFCW Local 1189