Weary Lawmakers Pass Final Budget Bills, Wrap 2017 Special Session

From MN House of Representatives, 5/26/17:  Day three of the 2017 special session saw lawmakers pass final omnibus bills to be sent to Gov. Mark Dayton, with weary House members wrapping up their work at 2:42 a.m. Friday following a week of long days — and nights — at the State Capitol.  Legislators finished a tax bill that includes extended bar close times for next year’s Super Bowl in Minneapolis, an omnibus education bill that includes $483 million in new money, and a transportation bill with $300 million in new General Fund dollars. A bill to fund state government is also on its way to the governor, as is a health and human services bill that spends more than $15 billion.  Additionally, a uniform state labor standards bill was passed by both chambers but is expected to be vetoed by the governor. Dayton has said he is against the pre-emption language that would, in part, bar cities from enacting minimum wage ordinances.  Read entire article here.