Wedge Community Co-Op Workers Vote Union YES!

Congratulations to the  workers at the Wedge Co-op on their successful drive to become a union workplace! On Monday, November 16, 2015 workers at the Wedge Community Co-Op voted overwhelmingly, 76-31, in favor of joining UFCW Local 1189.  Over 70 percent of voters cast their ballot in favor of becoming Union members.  Many of the workers involved in the representation election believe that unionizing and having a collective voice in the workplace fit into the core values and principles of the co-op community.  Many co-op shareholder/member consumers identify as “values” shoppers, not value shoppers – a key element to keeping the co-op true to its core mission. The organizing committee could sum up their mission for sustainable food and sustainable jobs with a couple of common phrases: "Pro Co-op, Pro-Union" and "Stronger Together."  Welcome to the Union!