WI Right to Work is WRONG

UFCW members in Wisconsin and Minnesota need to rise up and oppose any effort to attack workers’ rights.  Senator Scott Fitzgerald has introduced a Right to Work bill which will crush collective bargaining in WI and attack your pay, safety, and voice at work.  Quite simply, the bill allows free riders to opt out of paying dues.  It interferes with the workers and the business to negotiate.  It is more government intrusion between workers and business and insult to all parties involved from outside interests. Call Senator Fitzgerald and tell him hands off workers and to pull the bill! (608)266-5660 or email: Sen.Fitzgerald@legis.wisconsin.govCall Governor Scott Walker and tell him to walk away from any Right to Work bill that reaches his desk!  (608)266-1212; email: govgeneral@wisconsin.gov   All workers lose with right to work.  Whether you are a union member or    not, right to work attacks your pay, your safety, and the quality of life in your community.  Now is the time to call, show up, write, and talk to your co-workers.  Right to Work is Wrong for all Workers.