St. Paul Retail Bargaining - Action!

We Demand a Contract that Works for All!

We demand that the Employers adequately fund our health care plan, ensure that all members have fair and equitable wage progressions, and improve the contract for ALL - not a select few.

Help us send a message to the Employers at our next bargaining session on Thursday, May 5, 2016.


Post the Employers' Most Recent offer!

The Employers’ proposal does not measure up.  As one committee member pointed out, the Employers don't seem to value their part-time employees - always proposing significantly less in increases for them even though many like her have been a dedicated worker for the company for many years.  Workers should not have to wait a year and a half to get a raise!


Post the Union's Proposal, too!

We, the Union members, are the face of our company to our customers. It is our hard work and dedication to providing them service that keeps them coming in the doors. The Union amended its proposal for health care, agreeing to the employers' lower offer as long as the wage scales increased enough to pay for any changes that might need to be made due to the lower offer. We work hard and deserve a fair wage and our benefits.


Sign the Petition!

Tell the Employers to be fair and consider our needs and the needs of our families while at the bargaining table.


Sign Up Your Co-Workers! Print a Petition for your Workplace

Take the next step.  Print off this petition and sign up your co-workers.  Return the signatures to the Union office by May 3, 2016.