ARGA Negotiations

2019 Contract NegotiationsYour Union Contract is a legal document that contains provisions related to workers' rights and benefits. Your contract is the result of bargaining between the Union and the Employer beginning with the Union's initial proposal and followed by negotiations on items that affect your job. UFCW Local 1189 is committed to keeping you involved and informed.  Regular updates will be available online and by email. (If you would like to receive email updates please contact the office to ensure we have your current email address). When a tentative agreement is reached (or when we receive the Employer's final offer) the Union will schedule a time for you to vote on the proposed changes to your contract. After a majority of voting employees approve their contract language it then goes into effect. If you have questions on the process, please contact your Union Representative.


Union members covered by the"Grocery" contract voted overwhelmingly (80% of voters said YES) to ratify a new three year agreement. Union members voted at the Union office and in their store break-rooms at Mount Royal and at Super One stores...The vote for Members covered by the "Meat Contract" was closer with 70% of the members ratifying the agreement. UFCW 1189 President Jennifer Christensen was please with the high turnout, and thanked the committee, members, and the community for their support of our Union grocery workers.

A ratification vote will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 in store breakrooms on the tentative agreement reached with Super One and Mount Royal.  Click here to view voting locations and times.  Highlights of the agreement include:·       Increased Wages and Wage Scales·       Part-time progression increases every 1040 hours instead of 1560·       Improved Pension Funding (.20/hr)·       Increased Employer Contribution to Health Care Plan (small increase for employees)·  

Detailed information can be found here and will also be mailed to members homes prior to the vote.UFCW 1189 Union Contract Ratification InformationWednesday May 8, 2019 Voting Locations and TimesUnion Members Covered by the ARGA agreement may vote any time between 8:00 am – 7:00 pm at the UFCW 1189 Union Office.(2002 London Road, Suite #211, Duluth).Informational meetings will be held at 8:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 6 pm 

The Union is pleased to report that negotiations with the ARGA employers (Miner's Super One and Mount Royal) have made significant progress today. The Union would like to thank all of the community supporters that contacted their local grocery store and expressed their support for the workers. We expect a final offer from the employers on Wednesday April 24th that will address the Union's concerns.

April 2, 2019  __The Union and the ARGA Employers met again today for our fourth bargaining session. While both sides continue to talk and movement is being made, the negotiations are tough. The Union has proposals to allow everyone to accrue vacation time regardless of job title and the Employer does not want to discuss the proposal until we reach a point in which we are discussing all economic proposals.