Knowlan's Maplewood/South St. Paul Negotiations

Your Union Contract is a legal document that contains provisions related to workers' rights and benefits. Your contract is the result of bargaining between the Union and the Employer beginning with the Union's initial proposal and followed by negotiations on items that affect your job. UFCW Local 1189 is committed to keeping you involved and informed.  Regular updates will be available online and by email. (If you would like to receive email updates please contact the office to ensure we have your current email address). When a tentative agreement is reached (or when we receive the Employer's final offer) the Union will schedule a time for you to vote on the proposed changes to your contract. After a majority of voting employees approve their contract language it then goes into effect. If you have questions on the process, please contact your Union Representative.



Apr 20, 2023
A tentative agreement was reached with Knowlan's for the Maplewood and South St. Paul store locations on April 19, 2023.  The settlement includes significant wage increases and improved contract language.  A ratification vote will be held…
Apr 17, 2023
UFCW 1189 and Knowlan's met to continue negotiations this afternoon.  Tentative agreements on all language change proposals have been reached.  The parties exchanged counter wage proposals, which were not agreeable to either, so…
Apr 13, 2023
Contract negotiations began today, April 13, 2023, for Knowlan's Maplewood and South St. Paul members.  The Union presented its proposals to the Employer and had extensive conversation regarding safety and health concerns, which the…