Congratulations to UFCW Local 1189 Service-Maintenance members at Capitol View who have ratified a new 2-year agreement, which includes improved contract language and wage increases.  Click on the link to view full details:  PDF icon Capitol View SM TA Summary 2020.pdf

Minnesota Medical Sulutions and the Union Negotiating Committee reached an agreement on an extension of the current collective bargaining agreement on Monday June 22, 2020. The employer proposed an extension of the current agreement with bonuses to all employees and an extra holiday. The bonus amounts provided by the employer are sufficient to cover the additional cost of health insurance for employees who are covered under the Union's healthcare Plan. The additional personal holiday is available for workers through the end of the year. Both sides had hoped that significant legislative and regulatory changess for the Medical Cannabis Industry would happen this legislative cycle - but that was not the case. It is anticipated that 2021 could bring the changes the industry seeks.  The extension would move the expiration of the Agreement to May 1, 2021.

The offer from the employer comes with Union Committee recomendation to vote YES to ACCEPT.

Ratification is being conducted by mail ballot. Voting information and Ballots have been mailed to members. Ballots should be mailed back no later than July 1, 2020. Ballots are scheduled to be counted July 8, 2020.

Proposed extension for ratification:PDF icon Employer offer for extention.pdf

Information on the Employer offer: PDF icon MnMed info on proposal.pdf


A tentative agreement has been reached with Whole Foods Co-Op.  A ratification vote will be held on Thursday, May 21, 2020 from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. at both stores.  Click on the link below to view the tentative agreement, which comes with full committee recommendation.  If you have any questions, please contact Union Representative Bruce Bergh.

PDF icon WFC TA.pdf

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The Union and Employer have met twice to date on 3/27 and 3/31/2020.  Below is a list of items which have been agreed to tentatively as well as a list of items still open. Remember, these are only tentative agreements. No contract changes will take place until negotiations are complete and a majority of votes by Union members are cast to approve the new contract.  The Union bargaining committee consists of Morgan Pirsig, Sue Boorsma,  Kelly Leingang,  Robert Kajer, Brittany Fanaselle.

Tentative Agreements

  • Article 1 Union Security: The parties agree to remove finance employees from the “exclusions” as there are now finance employees in the bargaining unit.
  • Article 4.1 Pay Period/Pay Day: The parties agree to remove the first sentence as it is no longer applicable.
  • Article 10 Vacancies: The parties agree to add language allowing the Employer to simultaneously advertise job openings to the public while posting internally. The Employer will still wait 7 days and interview from within. This gives them a head start on locating an external candidate in case no one applies or qualifies internally.
  • Article 16 Discipline and Discharge: The parties agree to add the following sentence next to the signature line of corrective action forms “My signature only acknowledges receipt of this corrective action, not necessarily agreement with the action.”  The parties agree that the Employer will send all disciplines to the Union within 3 business days.
  • Article 13 Time Off: The parties agree to change the wording to allow the Employer to use a different system other than a written form for members to make time off requests.
  • Article 19: The parties agree to change the word “may” to “shall” in regards to issuing a response to grievances within 15 days and some minor language changes to the article regarding scheduling a step one meeting and scheduling mediation.
  • Article 31 Technological Changes: The parties agree to meet on any technological changes that may affect members' jobs and to allow training if needed when changes in technology affect current jobs or create new ones.
  • New Language: The parties also agree to add language stating that “The Employer will comply with the City’s Earned Sick and Safe Time (“ESST”) Ordinance, as amended, and will apply its ESST policy to all employees covered under this Agreement.”
  • LOA Board Meetings: The parties agree to change the annual presentation to the Co-op Board of Directors to January, with the exception of 2020 which will be in August.
  • Clean Up: The parties have agreed to remove two Letters of agreement (LOA) that are no longer applicable.

Still Open

  • All economics are still open including any wage scales, raises, benefits and vacation/PTO.
  • Summer Help: The Employer has proposed temporary summer help language. The Union has countered. This item is still being discussed.
  • The Employer has proposed language to help with scheduling for inventory. This item is being discussed.
  • The Union has rejected two proposals by the Employer for changes to the “Leave of Absence” language under Article 15.
  • The Union has rejected one proposal by the Employer for changes to the “Time Off” language in Article 13.
  • The Employer has made a proposal to add “Financial Coordinator” under group 3 of the contract. This item is being discussed further.
  • The Employer proposed changes to the Holidays language for personal holidays. This is being held for economics as the Union has a counter proposal.
  • The Employer proposed a 3-year agreement. The Union is waiting for economics before agreeing to the term of the contract.

We will continue to update you through the process. If you have questions please contact Union Representative Bruce Bergh.

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Congratulations to UFCW Local 1189 members at St. Anne in Winona on ratifying their new 3-year agreement!

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