UFCW 1189 members at Prairie Community Services overwhelmingly ratified a new 3-year agreement.  This agreement comes with an increase in pension contributions, PLT accruals and significant wage increases across the board.  Congratulations to these members!  Thank you to Dawn Johnson and Derek Hagen, the Union's negotiating committee, for your work.

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The Union met with the Company again on August 23rd and presented a counter -proposal to the Employer’s Last, Best, and Final offer that was voted down unanimously by the membership. The counter was comprehensive and included wage increases, step progressions, and the establishment of a Health and Safety Committee to improve both safety and ergonomics. The Employer’s side was unable to respond, and negotiations will resume in one week on August 30th.

A tentative agreement was reached with Prairie Community Services on August 19, 2021.  This agreement comes with increases to PTL accrual and accumulation, increased pension contribution in 2024 and significant wage increases.  Details of the tentative agreement can be found by clicking on this link:  PDF icon PCS tentative agreement 2021.pdf

Thank you to Local 1189 bargaining committe members Derek Hagen and Dawn Johnson for your time and hard work!

A ratification vote will take place via mail-in ballot, which will be mailed to all eligible voting members at their current home address with instructions on completing and returning ballots.  If members need to change or confirm their mailing address, please contact Union Representative Tami Denn-Bauer.

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The Union Negotiating Committee met again with the Employer on July 20th, 2021. This was our first meeting since the members voted down their last, best, and final offer on June 24th. This time, the Union Committee was joined by Jeff Ferro, head of the UFCW International Cannabis Division, and TJ Lauritsen, UFCW International retiree and Cannabis consultant.

While the early part of the day played out much the same as our meetings have since negotiations began in March, with the employer seeming unprepared to listen to workers’ concerns and painting statements made by the Union negotiators as “spin,” there was marked improvement later in the day. After the Employer’s attorney left the meeting, Negotiating Committee members for the first time felt the issues of worker safety, ergonomics, and fair wages were discussed calmly with solutions in mind. Space was created for explaining the root of the issues at hand, the real and pressing concerns of the workers were taken seriously, and some progress seems to have been made. While nothing has been settled as of this day, the Committee is cautiously optimistic that the Employer is finally talking to us, not talking past us.

Of course, nothing is settled until there is a contract to vote and the ink is dry on the signature line, and UFCW 1189 is fully prepared for any eventuality as we approach the sixth month of bargaining. Stay tuned for more!

After notifying the Employer about the rejection of their "last best and final" offer, the Employer -Vireo responded to the Union's request to get back to the table "Vireo made the offer after careful consideration and in earnest.  However, as we have always been, the Vireo team is willing to continue negotiating in good faith with the union team at this point." With the willingness to bargain, the Union cancelled the worksite picket planned for the end of June. While hopeful that the Employer will hear and respond to the members concerns and that an agreement can be reached, the Union keeps the option of future picketing open. "Workers at all locations are united in the goal of getting a good contract for everyone" said President Christensen.  "It is really great to see the workers come together to support one and other." 

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It is important to remember that when medical cannabis became legal in Minnesota, the legislation was written to create good jobs for workers, with legislators specifically working to avoid creating a low paying service industry.  Vireo/Green Goods workers kept the doors open and served patients through the pandemic, keeping up with changing business hours and bringing patients their medicine at the curb through the hot summer and freezing winter. The union helped advocate for the recent legalization of medical flower, which the employer believes will increase profits by as much as 300%.  The workers are asking to keep their wage progressions in place - asking for a very reasonable 2% to their current wage progressions 90 days after flower is enacted.  And workers want to be heard about the ergonomics of the workplace and concerns about changes to job requirements.

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