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Heritage Manor (Chisholm Health Center) Negotiations Update


Negotiations at Heritage Manor are progressing slowly. The last time we met, the Employer offered an economic package that would result in substantive raises for some and not for others, as well as reducing the length of the current wage scales down to 10 years. Our response to the Employer was that this proposal was unacceptable for a number of reasons. First was that the market comparative data they were using wasn’t accurate for the Iron Range area. This means that what the Employer thought was the average wage for the area was not at all in the ballpark of what is currently being paid by their closest competition. We presented the Employer with wage scales from several long-term care facilities in the area that showed wages for Laundry, Housekeeping, Dietary, Maintenance and other non-nursing departments were significantly higher than what the Employer’s current offer represents. We also, again, told the Employer that we value current employees and need to see incentives and wage increases that recognize this. The current employees are the ones who will be training the employees of the future, and we expect the Employer to recognize this.  The response from the Employer was that they understood what we told them and would have to look at the data we provided to them before offering a response. We will be meeting again the week of Thanksgiving, and hope to see an economic proposal from the Employer that addresses our concerns and prioritizes the employees that have helped them for last three years through a pandemic and myriad other challenges.