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Tell the FTC: STOP the Kroger/Albertsons Megamerger!


Despite our nation’s growing economic anxiety, historic rates of inflation, and fears of recession brought on by rising food and consumer prices, Kroger and Albertsons are pushing for a corporate megamerger that could give them almost unchecked control over retail food prices, the food supply chain, and the wages and benefits of essential retail workers who were critical to our nation’s day-to-day survival during the pandemic. 

The proposed Kroger Albertsons megamerger spells disaster for consumers and essential workers everywhere. 

Right now, you have the power to tell the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take action against this mega merger that could not only drive up food prices for everyone, but lower wages for 746,000 grocery workers like yourself. The FTC can take action to stop this corporate megamerger if it finds that the effect of it would substantially lessen competition or create a monopoly. 

For the sake of essential grocery workers and our families, the Kroger Albertsons merger must be stopped.  Sign the petition and make your voice heard now!