Why Join the Union?

Maybe you've been asked by your boss to work off-the-clock, or to complete more tasks during your shift than is possible. Maybe you struggle to get 20 hours a week on the schedule. Maybe you think your wages and benefits could be better. Maybe you're worried the boss doesn't like your personality and you're afraid one day he'll let you loose. You're tired of having no say in how your workplace runs and you're ready to have a voice on the job.

Workers choose to organize to join a union for lots of different reasons. But they always have one thing in common: they're ready for job security and some power in the workplace. When workers stand together and get organized, they claim a voice on the job. Once organized into the union, the employees and the union negotiate a legally-binding contract with the employer that outlines workers' wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Organizing is a process that starts with workers, leaders in the workplace who educate and agitate their co-workers to build power together. Most workers aren't familiar with unions, and they have a lot of questions about just what unions do or how they help workers. The following questions and topics are common from workers interested in organizing, co-workers and family members. Click the links to find more answers.