Gail Freeman

Administrative Assistant

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  • Direct
    (651) 294-8960
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    (651) 451-6240

Administrative Assistant
Union History:  I have been a union member (OPEIU Local 12) for over 13 years.  Prior to my current position I was never a member of a union. I will be hitting the 14-year mark in May 2014.  I am responsible for answering phones, scanning and assigning old pension information into our system.  I oversee the dues and initiation payments on several of our accounts and I am the support for some of the Union Representatives here at the office. I make sure grievances, mediations, etc. (any project the rep needs) are typed, filed and mailed out in a timely manner.
Why do you do what you do? 
Back in the dark ages (LOL) I really loved working on a typewriter.  Typing is something I have always enjoyed and when I had to decide on a career it seemed like the natural choice. My parents raised me to be practical so I also took into consideration how things would be in the future.  I knew the skills I was learning would always be needed and that gave me reassurance.  I knew I would always find work. To this day (35 years later) I still enjoy what I do.  I have had plenty of experience as a receptionist and Admin Assistant and I can’t see myself really wanting to do anything else.