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Filtering the list

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Worksitesort descending Employer Industry
North East Area Labor Council North East Area Labor Council Other
Oakland Park Communities Oakland Park Communities Healthcare
On Site Enterprises, Inc. On Site Enterprises, Inc. Other
Oxendale's Market Randolph Oxendale's Market Retail
Oxendale's Market West St. Paul Oxendale's Market Retail
Oxendale's Widmer's Oxendale's Market Retail
Prairie Community Services St. Francis Health Services Healthcare
Prescott Nursing & Rehabilitation Community Atrium Centers, Inc. Healthcare
Rapids Spirits Liquor Store City of Park Rapids Other
RDO Frozen Foods Lamb Weston Manufacturing/processing
Remer Municipal Liquor City of Remer Other
River Market Community Co-Op River Market Community Co-Op Retail
Rose of Sharon Manor Villa Healthcare Healthcare
Rose of Sharon Manor Healthcare Services Group Healthcare
S.B. Foot Tanning Company Red Wing Shoe Company Manufacturing/processing
Saint Anne of Winona/Callista Court Benedictine Health System Healthcare
Sauer Health Care Sauer Health Care Healthcare
Spectrum Community Health Spectrum Health Companies Healthcare
St. Anthony Park Home St. Anthony Park Home Healthcare
St. Luke's Hospital St. Luke's Hospital Healthcare
St. Mark's Living Ecumen Healthcare
Stock Yards US Foods, Inc. Manufacturing/processing
Super One Ashland Miner's Inc. Retail
Super One Cloquet Miner's Inc. Retail
Super One Duluth (Kenwood) Miner's Inc. Retail
Super One Duluth (Lakeside) Miner's Inc. Retail
Super One Duluth (Miller Hill) Miner's Inc. Retail
Super One Duluth (Plaza) Miner's Inc. Retail
Super One Duluth (West) Miner's Inc. Retail
Super One Grand Rapids North Miner's Inc. Retail