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Negotiations are slowly, but successfully, moving with Inter-Faith Care Center. The Union submitted a package deal to the employer. it includes things like 4.25% wage increase across the board in year one and a reopener year two; keeping personal days and birthday pay separate from the PTO; and removing the clause that does not allow members to move past the ten year scale if hired after February 1, 2014. Our next meeting is scheduled for March 14, 2018. If you have questions, please contact Al Priolo (218-728-5174).

After voting down the first contract, the Essentia Pharmacists negotiations committee has reached a tentative agreement. Membership had strong feelings on a couple non-economic issues. The Clinical Specialist staffing issue was withdrawn by the employer. The parties have agreed to move the flexible scheduling issue to LMC with the understanding that members will not be forced into working a flex schedule. Local 1189 members were vocal about these two issues and the Union was successful getting the employer to listen!

The WFC Bargaining Committee and management sat down again for another round of negotiations on Wednesday, February 14th. Here are the things we discussed:

Wage Rates - We are still holding to a wage structure that would immediately give everyone a significant raise and we are proposing extending the wage level caps, Management has proposed raises that we believe will not encourage longevity or create sustainable jobs at the Co-op.