Members may vote in ANY of their Employer’s store locations (times listed below or at the Union Hall (all day 7:30am - 7pm). Ratification Meetings will be held at the Union Hall South St. Paul at 8:00 am and 5:30 pm. In-Store voting times are listed below:

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We are in need of volunteers for GOTV.  If members are willing to road trip, we can set folks up in Eau Claire or LaCrosse (or any location of their choosing).  In the Hudson area, you can check in with the We Are Wisconsin office located at 522 2nd Street.  In the Superior area, opportunities are available through the ILA Hall located at 424 Tower.  For more information, please contact Director Bernie Hesse at Local 1189.

The members at Lakeshore (Ecumen) in Duluth overwhelmingly ratified their contract on October 20, 2014. Key gains in this were a 1.25% increase for all employees, both on and off scale, a $0.60 increase to the starting scales for all job classifications, and a five-cent per hour longevity wage increase for all employees that have worked ten years or more! Congratulations to the members on a job well done!

10/9/14 – UFCW 1189 members voted to ratify a new agreement with SuperValu's Corporate Cub and Rainbow stores with 68% of the voting members saying YES! Congratulations to the Committee for their hard work and to the membership for their support of the new agreement. The Union extends its appreciation to the members who turned out to vote and to the employer for taking the time to listen to their workers and respond with an agreement that works for the majority of our members.