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The Texas Workers Relief Fund has been established to assist workers and their families in their time of need. Funds are provided to help stabilize situations when issues occur such as natural disasters.  How to Help: Please donate to this fund in order to further promote the wellbeing of working Texans and their families. Workers Assistance Program, Inc. proudly operates this fund in conjunction with the Texas AFL-CIO.  Click here.

From The Union Advocate, 8/28/17:  

Local organizer glimpses challenge of building worker power in South

Lured by generous tax incentives and low wages, foreign automakers have steadily increased their footprint in Southern states over the last two decades. Their employees earn less than union members at the Big Three domestic automakers, but attempts to organize workers in the South’s new, foreign-owned plants have almost always failed.

Grievances filed regarding the PTO cash outs with Golden Living have been settled for members at both Linden and Lynnhurst facilities for 75% of the total PTO accruals.  Payouts will be made to members by October 1, 2017, with applicable tax deductions.  Local 1189 will update members of this process and how payments will be received.  In addition, Local 1189 is in the process of preparing proposals with Monarch for collective bargaining and members will be updated as this process moves forward.