“Through our partnership with Minnesota Medical Solutions, we’ve shown that cannabis production can be good for the planet, the people who work throughout the industry and patients. 

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It’s a new year, but House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Republican leaders in Congress are still singing the same old song about gutting Medicare benefits.  A few days ago, The Hill newspaper reported that Ryan and House Republicans are prioritizing the dismantling of health care for millions of Americans—and that includes Medicare.

From marketwatch.com, 1/4/17: There’s a joke among insurers that there are two things that health insurance companies hate to do — take risks and pay claims. But, of course, these are the essence of their business!  Yet, if they do too much of either, they will go broke, and if they do too little, their customers will find a better policy. This balancing act isn’t too hard if they have a pool sufficient to average out the highs and lows. I speak with some experience as the former CEO of one of these firms.

UFCW Local 1189 members working at Galtier, New Brighton Health & Rehab and Rose of Sharon nursing homes overwhelmingly rejected the Employer's offer.  Negotiations had taken place over the last couple of weeks with Fortis Labor Relations.  The Employer's offer included a 1% wage increase.  The Union will request the Employer to return to the bargaining table.  We will continue to keep you updated.

In recognition of the holidays, please note the following changes in Local 1189 office hours:  Friday, December 23 -- closing at noon; Monday, December 26 -- closed; Monday, January 2 -- closed.  The officers and staff of UFCW Local 1189 wish you all a very happy holiday season!