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The Path to Power Candidate & Campaign Training is a weekend long, comprehensive training on all the things a prospective candidate for local office will need to know in order to win. Some of the finest facilitators in Minnesota will cover these topics and more:

ARISE and the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability invite you to attend a meeting of representatives of local and regional stakeholders of the Ford Site development to a round table discussion on shared priorities and potential collaboration:

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5:30-7:30 pm Thursday March, 19th - Highland Park Community Center

We have many bills that are moving and we are rapidly approaching deadlines for both House and Senate.  The big bill for our members in long-term care is HF 316.  The bill modifies the nursing facility reimbursement system and if fully funded would put an additional $200 million into the system.  The problems we have with the bill is simple:

March 9, 2015 - Health care workers at United Pioneer Home in Luck, Wisconsin voted UNION YES! in an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. Workers showed their strong support for the Union, voting, 25 yes  to 14 no to join the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1189. Dignity, respect and a voice on the job were among the reasons the workers felt they needed a Union.

"I'm looking forward to having respect and dignity on the job."  Sam Everson

UFCW members in Wisconsin and Minnesota need to rise up and oppose any effort to attack workers’ rights.  Senator Scott Fitzgerald has introduced a Right to Work bill which will crush collective bargaining in WI and attack your pay, safety, and voice at work.  Quite simply, the bill allows free riders to opt out of paying dues.  It interferes with the workers and the business to negotiate.  It is more government intrusion between workers and business and insult to all parties involved from outside interests.