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On December 30, 2014 workers at Valley View ratified a new 2-year Agreement, just in time for their building to receive the state's minimum wage funds.  After rejecting the employer's offers twice, the Union and Employer were able to come to an agreement on retro-pay, which was the final issue preventing the agreement from passing. The changes made in the health insurance - increased deductibles and out of pocket expenses - made it possible for all employees to get a 2% increase, in addition to minimum wage add-on money from the state.

Nursing Home workers at Valley View Health and Rehab in Houston, MN filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) detailing numerous violation of the their rights as workers and Union members.

The NLRB found merit with the charges and the Union agreed to settle the matter with the employer under the terms proposed by the Board.

Union members at Valley View have been in negotiations with their employer. The offer presented by the management team to the members was overwhelmingly voted down on December 10, 2014.