On April 20, 2017 the UFCW Union committee and negotiating team met with the company for the first scheduled bargaining meeting. The first set of meetings started off with a round of introductions before each party explained their proposal. The Union proposal, which was derived from a combination of best practices, WFC surveys and results from listening sessions was presented item by item to the company.

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Workers' Memorial Day is a day to honor those workers who have died on the job, to acknowledge the grievous suffering experienced by families and communities, and to recommit ourselves to the fight for safe and healthful workplaces for all workers. 

4/15/2014 - Initial bargaining for the Essentia pharmacist group began April 15.

Both sides brought good issues to the table and much discussion was had regarding vacation scheduling, safe staffing, preceptor scheduling/compensation, as well as off-premise OT/scheduling.

The Company has agreed to maintain all current benefit levels but doesn't agree with the Union wage proposal and wants the Union to come back with a reasonable proposal.

The parties are set to be back at the table on May 6 and 13.

The ARGA committee and the Employers met on April 15-16 in Duluth. We made some progress but not much. We have signed off on the tentative agreements that were done at the last meeting.

During the two days of negotiations, the Employer dropped nothing from their Meat proposal. We did agree to delete #5 b. which is "Vacation pay will be paid at the beginning of the vacation period, if requested." We also agreed to this in their grocery proposal. The Employer would drop their ACA proposal if we would drop #4, 11, 13, and 15. We did not agree to.

4/7/14 The parties met again today, April 7, 2014. At the table for the Employer were George Stunyo, Attorney, Jason Arnold, HR and Kurt Ogle, Store Director. For the Union were Joyce Berglund, Union Representative, Al Priolo, Union Representative, Linda Karnes, Cashier and Peggy Prestidge, Service Counter/Cashier.

The Employer asked the Union to explain the rationale behind their proposals. We did that.