Members, executive board members, staff, and friends and family of Local 1189 attended the UFCW-sponsored presidential forum in Altoona, Iowa on October 13, 2019.  

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Tannery workers at S.B. Foot Tanning ratified a new agreement at a meeting held on March 28, 2019 at the American Legion in Red Wing. 60% of the workers voted in favor of the agreement that gave all members raises, made movement to end the two-tier wage system and continued the fully employer-paid health care at current benefit levels. Members voting against the employer's offer stated that the offer did not improve time of benefits (vacation or sick time) for members who have been with the company for years.

Negotiations continued with UNFI/Cub, Jerry's, Festival/Knowlan's, Kowalski's and Lunds & Byerlys on March 25 and 26.  The Employers presented a proposal of a higher deductible health and welfare plan, which includes a $5/week (FT) and $2/week (PT) additional Employer contributions.  In addition, the Employers proposed a $.20/hour (FT) and $.15/hour (PT) wage increases for top-of-scale/overscale only.  The Union countered their proposal with a $10/week (FT) equivalent to $.25/hour and $6/week (PT) equivalent to $.20/hour increase in the Employer contribution to the existing

Union Tannery Workers at S.B. Foot Tanning in Red Wing have reached a tentative agreement with their employer.  The contract proposal comes with a recommendation by 100% of the Union Negotiation committee to vote YES on the offer. The new agreement provides for employer paid health care, raises in each year of the Agreement and additional money in the second tier (lower) to bridge the gap between rates.

Retail Grocery Employers from the St. Paul area (corporate Cub, Jerry's, Kowalski's, and Knowlan's) met with the Union and exchanged proposals on Thursday March 7, 2019. Conversations were cordial with very few if any surprises. After a break for lunch the parties briefly responded to each other's proposals, agreeing only to issues that would be considered "housekeeping" in nature.  Union and Employer Trustees for the Local Union's Health and Welfare Plan are scheduled to meet on March 13, 2019 to review the plan's funding status and discuss plan options.