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Committed to the Industry

We have been advocating for workers in the Cannabis industry since the medical program was first considered, and we helped push for its passage in 2014 when many other Unions opposed it due to their connections to law enforcement and the trucking or liquor industries. Since then, we have consistently pushed for a broader end to prohibition.

Our staff is versed in the issues faced by cannabis workers here and in other states. Our Cannabis Director was raised on a Cannabis farm in Humboldt County, California, and has seen the way poorly thought out laws can hurt small businesses and workers. One of our executive board members was one of the first Cannabis workers hired after the Medical law passed. And our leadership and legislative teams have made Cannabis a priority for over a decade.

Leading in Labor Peace Agreements (LPAs)

UFCW 1189 has successfully negotiated and executed Labor Peace Agreements (LPAs) with both of the medical Cannabis companies operating in Minnesota. As of 2023, we have successfully negotiated several successor agreements with Vireo/Green Goods and the workers are in the process of negotiating their first agreement with Green Thumb Industries/RISE. 

What is a Labor Peace Agreement? It's simply a way for companies to honor their employee's right to bargain collectively without creating an adversarial relationship. Learn more below!

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