On Thursday, February 11, 2021, River Market workers voted to approve their first contract.  The bargaining committee did a fantastic job representing their coworkers and keeping them informed of what was happening in negotiations.  Local 1189 worked with the Employer to secure holiday pay, job bidding, increased starting wages, and much more.  Congratulations to the committee and all Local 1189 members at River Market for standing together to reach their first contract!

Presented by UFCW Local 1189, in partnership with the Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation, 30-pound food boxes will be distributed while supplies last.  This is open to everyone, not just UFCW 1189 members or Union members, but anyone in the community in need.  Drive-thru distribution will be held on the following dates, times and locations:

Congratulations to UFCW 1189 members at Highland Chateau Nursing Home on overwhelmingly ratifying a 3% wage increase for 2021.  The negotiating committee met several times over the last 5 months to negotiate a fair wage increase that they could recommend, without losing sight of the sacrifice long-term care workers are making everyday working through this pandemic.

Union Members at Long Prairie Packing ratified a new 5 year deal that provided an historic first year compensation increase of $1.50/ hour plus a 2% dollar for dollar match into employees 401 retirement plans. The Union and the Employer were able to work out a deal that not only provided for members immediate needs today - increased wages and improved time off benefits, it also provided for their future in the form of an employer contribution to their retirement, The new wages and benefits take effect with the first pay period in January 2021. 

UFCW 1189 Members at United Pioneer Home in Luck, WI ratified a new 2-year agreement with increases in wages and shift differentials as well as improved credit for past experience language that also allow current members to go back and get qualified past experience.  In addition, the new contract includes improved funeral leave language, improved life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance and a wage reopener in August 2021.  Lindsy Solem will become the new union representative for UPH.  Lindsy's career prior to coming on staff with Local 1189 was as a CNA, so she brings knowledg

We would like to shine a light on the leadership team of Kowalski's for their continued show of appreciation for our members who are so essential to all of us. Kowalski's Markets notified employees this month that they are continuing to extend the $2 per hour premium pay. This came as good news to workers who find themselves in closer contact with customers during the holiday seasons.  Kowalski's is one of the few employers who have continued to pay an additional premium for retail grocery work.

On December 18, 2020, UFCW 1189 members at The Estates at Linden ratified a new 2-year agreement!  Cooks/Aides and CNA members will receive a 3% increase the first year with a 2.25% increase the second year with all member increases retroactive to October, 1, 2020.  Thank you to Ken Hatch and Cathy Sutherland for their hard work on the bargaining committee!