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James Westin

Union Representative
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I have been a UFCW1189 member since 1997.  I’ve worked in the retail industry for most of my working career for Jerry’s Foods, Inc.  I have worked in just about every department both as a part-time staff as well as full-time.  Most recently I was the Meat Department Manager at Jerry’s foods in Woodbury, MN.  During my time with Jerry’s I attended the University of St. Thomas and received my B.A. in Accounting.  My first involvement with the Local was during retail contract negotiations in 2006.  Selfishly, I wanted to see how I could influence the process to work for me.  What I quickly realized was that it was only going to work for me if it worked for everyone.  This experience spring boarded my involvement with our Local and their fight to provide dignity in EVERY job in the workplace.  I have since been involved politically through door knocking and phone banking. I was part of the organizing campaign with The Wedge Co-Op.  I served on the Local’s Executive Board for 10years, as well as being a steward in all 4 stores I have been employed at.  It is my honor and privilege to fight for members that just a couple of weeks ago were my co-workers as well as the countless numbers of workers that do not have a voice in their workplace!