Take Action!

We need your help. On Monday, April 13th, more than 500 of my coworkers and I were suddenly laid off at the Pico Rivera Walmart store in Southern California, with no more than hours’ notice. It’s not right, and we have to do something about it. The Pico Rivera store was the first-ever store where Walmart workers went on strike, sparking a nationwide movement for change. Over the last several years, we've inspired thousands of Walmart workers around the country to stand up for better treatment, better pay, and respect.

Because of a chronic health condition, Gabe knows that someday he’ll have to spend an extended amount of time in the hospital. Thanks to MinnesotaCare, he also knows he’ll be able to get the quality, affordable care he needs.  But the GOP’s controversial proposal to end MinnesotaCare just got scheduled on the floor of the House tomorrow at 10AM, putting Gabe and 100,000 other Minnesotans health care at risk.

The following article was published in National Journal:Hillary Clinton must choose between her president and her base on the latest trade deal in Congress – and now she has more food for thought.The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union urged Congress today to defeat fast-track legislation and the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact, both supported by President Obama.

We have an urgent need to address the imminent crisis facing our transportation system. Governor Dayton & DFL lawmakers are leading the fight for a sustainable, balanced and multi-modal solution. Now we need House Republicans to support a responsible plan that repairs roads and bridges and public transportation infrastructure with long-term dedicated funding.We need your help to get the message out.

Fast Track legislation that would enable the passage of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been introduced in both the House and the Senate. Passage of the TPP will make it easier for corporations to ship jobs overseas and undermine our wages by putting Americans in competition with workers making less than 60 cents per hour. We can't allow this bill to pass!

Reposted from The Nation, Michelle Chen blog:The 2007 banking collapse exposed the abysmal gap between the titans of finance and the 99 percent. But long ago, there was one place where Wall Street and Main Street intersected: at the teller window of your local retail bank. Some community activists want to pull Wall Street back toward an era when banking was done by real people, and retail banks invested in the neighborhood instead of pushing consumers into foreclosure.