Take Action!

Retail negotiations will begin in earnest in March of next year for the majority of Union Retail Grocery stores represented by UFCW Local 1189. We have designed a survey to gather information from you on what is important in your workplace and your thoughts and ideas regarding your collective bargaining agreement (your Union Contract). Your opinions and input are important. Take the Survey!

We have many bills that are moving and we are rapidly approaching deadlines for both House and Senate.  The big bill for our members in long-term care is HF 316.  The bill modifies the nursing facility reimbursement system and if fully funded would put an additional $200 million into the system.  The problems we have with the bill is simple:

UFCW members in Wisconsin and Minnesota need to rise up and oppose any effort to attack workers’ rights.  Senator Scott Fitzgerald has introduced a Right to Work bill which will crush collective bargaining in WI and attack your pay, safety, and voice at work.  Quite simply, the bill allows free riders to opt out of paying dues.  It interferes with the workers and the business to negotiate.  It is more government intrusion between workers and business and insult to all parties involved from outside interests. Call Senator Fitzgerald and tell him hands off workers and to pull the bill! (608)2

Looking to ensure workers have a voice in how much and when they work, a coalition of worker advocacy groups, social justice organizations, labor unions and workers joined together with Rep. Rena Moran today to introduce the Fair Scheduling Legislation.  Click the link to read the full press release.

UFCW Union members have several scholarship opportunities to assist them in paying for their education.  Members are eligible for awards from the Local Union, the International UFCW, and the AFL-CIO.  There is no time like the present to plan for your future! UFCW Local 1189 Kokaisel Scholarship Fund and Executive Board Scholarships:

Mariah Abbott, part time cashier at the Maplewood Knowlan's store and a junior at Tartan high school, signed up for voluntary payroll contributions to the UFCW Actve Ballot Club (ABC) and was automatically entered into a drawing. The UFCW ABC is our own political action fund, funded with voluntary contributions from our members (not dues money). ABC funds are used to support candidates and legislative initiatives that work for UFCW members and their families. Mariah won $250 in the drawing, but we all win when we support the UFCW ABC fund. Sign up today to be entered in the next drawing!

There are currently two openings for appointment by the Ramsey County Board Of Commissioners. The Saint Paul – Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission is a forum for public and private stakeholders to assess how local food systems are operating and suggest policies, share information and plan for increased access to safe, affordable and nutritious foods. The Commission will create an action plan laying out a comprehensive vision of Ramsey County’s future in terms of access to healthier foods and sustainable local food systems for food production, distribution and consumption.

As the largest private employer in the country owned by America's richest family, Walmart has the power to change the lives of workers throughout our economy.  Walmart pays so little that many workers can't make ends meet and take care of their families.  Many are forced to rely on government assistance.  It is estimated that Walmart's low wages cost taxpayers $6.2 billion each year.  But there is hope for change.