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From Star Tribuine, 3/23/16:  St. Paul tax incentives are still in play for development around the proposed Minnesota United stadium.  The majority of City Council members said Wednesday they do not want to rule out tax-increment financing (TIF) at the site just north of the stadium, which currently houses the Midway Shopping Center and a sprawling parking lot. They shot down Council Member Rebecca Noecker's resolution opposing a TIF district there in a 4-3 vote.

From workdayMinnesota, 3/22/16:  WASHINGTONThe U.S. Supreme Court decided 6-2 Tuesday to allow employees of Tyson Foods, Inc., to join together in a class action suit to recover pay lost to wage theft.  The ruling is a victory for 3,000 hourly workers at an Iowa pork processing plant who sued Tyson for time spent “donning and doffing” protective equipment and walking to and from the job floor.

From mnpACT.org 3/19/16:  The Minnesota legislature is going to be another political battleground. Here in the South Metro, it could be ground zero for Democratic control.  Some top caliber candidates have emerged to challenge the GOP incumbents that dominate this area. These candidates are not looking back - they are looking forward to a better Minnesota future. They are focused on clean energy. Job growth. Education at all levels. Sustainable transportation (the key to future growth). Health care that gets fixed and works for every single Minnesotan.

From Star Tribune, 3/11/16:  Overall, Minnesota is doing better — much better — than in recent years. We have a $900 million budget surplus; unemployment is at a 15-year low, and businesses are creating jobs. Still, too many Minnesotans are feeling left behind in an economy that too often favors the wealthy few.  Republicans will say the answer is big tax cuts for the wealthy, corporations and special interests. But that choice threatens to put our state back into deficit and will not address the economic challenges facing Minnesota families.

The Minnesota Legislature is back in session. In this short session, lawmakers need to address key priorities like rebuilding our transportation infrastructure, paid family leave, providing kids with universal Pre-K, and extending unemployment benefits for working families on the Iron Range.  Sadly, House Republicans are already demanding more than a quarter million dollars in corporate tax giveaways in exchange for granting an unemployment insurance extension to working families.

UFCW Local 1189 Scholarship Application Form for School Year 2022-2023.  Complete and submit the application.  This application contains two parts:  Part One will require you to fill out a family profile, list school activities, awards, work location, personal message and completion of an essay.  If you are unable to complete the application online, please contact Local 1189 at 651-451-6240.  Part Two of the application requires you to mail letters of recommendation and school transcripts to Local 1189.

SAINT PAUL – As the Saint Paul City Council considers the Development and Use agreements for the Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium, there are questions about the future of the rest of the Snelling Midway site. City leaders have talked with a Rainbow Foods employee and the UFCW union representative about the change that is coming, as recent site maps have made clear that the Rainbow Foods grocery store will be impacted by the soccer stadium development.

From Union Advocate 2/18/16:  A union investment fund announced plans today to renovate an aging, eight-story office building in St. Paul’s Lowertown district. The project will create 134 market-rate multifamily housing units and an estimated 190 union construction jobs.  The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust (HIT) unveiled the $42.3 million project, dubbed “333 on the Park,” in a press release.